Career Soft Solutions is having a software development division specializing in custom software applications. Our creative and highly experienced teams of software development consultants are able to provide solutions to any software development challenges your business is faced with.

By using Career Soft Solutions you are guaranteed efficient access to the newest technology available. For your company this means cost savings, reduced risks, and flexibility. Our cutting edge team has years of development and support experience. Find out how Career Soft Solutions can help you grow your business more affordably.

The Career Soft Solutions approach is simple but effective as we:
  • Thoroughly understand your objectives.
  • Analyze your current investments in technologies with a keen eye on leveraging and/or improving upon your current systems.
  • Propose a detailed road map to achieve your objectives.
  • Rigorously monitor accountability, responsibilities and deliverables through exceptional client/vendor communication.

Our experience, understanding of current and emerging technologies, and comprehensive skill sets earned us the respect and confidence of our clients. We believe that history is the key to predicting the future, whether the future of your company or the future of software as an effective tool for managing your business. Our goal is to match your needs with the best possible solutions.

Career Soft Solutions has a wide range of website design, web development and programming services ranging from simple HTML based website design to complex AJAX based web development and programming, multimedia and secure e-commerce web applications. We work with your company to define objectives and develop graphic design for your website and interactive tools to achieve them.

Career Soft Solutions is a rapidly expanding IT consulting organization chartered to provide a wide range of information technology and high quality consulting services. We excel in placing Certified IT Professionals. Professionals who consistently exceed our clients’ needs for teamwork, personal responsibility, innovation and business process engineering.