Rapid technology changes and high level of attrition are the major concerns in BPO and IT Managers. Contract staffing is the most viable option for the companies to manage these forces. You get tremendous flexibility to ramp up or slow down your team size depending upon the project requirements while Career Soft Solutions manages the employee contracts. Career Soft Solutions ensures that you get the best talent in your required skill set, who also have hands on to emerging technologies and next generation trends.

Career Soft Solutions offers contracting staff on an hourly bill rate basis for an expected duration of the contract. This engagement model frees you from all human resource functions including payroll generation and distribution, payroll tax withholding, state and federal reporting requirements and employer related insurance administration. To ensure the continual availability of qualified and efficient resources, we leverage various channels for finding and recruiting staff. These include but are not limited to.

  • Internet Recruiting
  • Classifieds in Jobsites
  • Headhunting through smart work groups and special interest groups
  • Employee Incentive and Partner Referral Programs
  • Internal Networking and Redeployment
  • Relationship building through independent consultants
  • Associate Vendor Relationships

With Career Soft Solutions, you get a partner who brings proven expertise, knowledge of the various industry verticals, exhaustive database of the experienced professionals and cost-effective contract staffing solutions for meeting your ad-hoc and temporary staffing requirements. Career Soft Solutions Contract Staff Augmentation services enables you in getting qualified and experienced personnel to suit your requirements working exclusively for you from our offices. It is a perfect way to accomplish your special or seasonal projects without adding a permanent staff. Career Soft Solutions is committed to providing customer centric services that are highly effective and provide transparency without no hidden costs and out of pocket expenses or additional taxes.