Powerful Mobile App Solution for Meeting, Event & Conference Marketing We understand how important your event is and we work closely with you to improve your events marketing using our mobile app solutions.

  • Our mobile solution can assist you in improving the experience of the attendees and speakers
  • It is an extension of your printed event guide (green eco-friendly)
  • We can help further monetize your event and capitalize on more sponsorship, exhibitors and visitors
  • You can be constantly be in touch with your conference audience and improve the success of the event.
  • Easy to use interface to manage the event details with instantaneous update on your attendees mobile device
  • Make the app and the data active even post event date
  • Can become your single window to all your future events
Branded Mobile Event Application Solution

Career Soft Solutions has built a proprietary mobile event application using .NET technology that can be customized for your event or conference to improve event attendee experience, increase engagement and provide measurable ROI for your events or conferences.

We have developed and delivered native mobile applications and mobile web solutions using content management system (CMS) designed on Microsoft .NET framework, which creates powerful applications for all major mobile platforms: Apple iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry (coming soon!) and Windows Phone 7 (coming soon!). We can host this entire solution during the course of the event and thereafter.

Custom Event Mobile App Development

We offer both pre-built modular mobile event app solutions and custom development to promote your event brand and specifically designed address your unique requirements.

Our team of mobile developers can design, develop and deliver premium features and functionality for your event or conference that may not be available in out-of-box mobile solution. Examples include a surveys, polling, local weather, social media integration, cover flow image gallery, interactive trade show maps, QR Codes, document management, banner ads and sponsorship.

EventToGo Mobile & Content Management System

EventToGo is our comprehensive mobile app along with the content management system (CMS) platform that empowers you to create, integrate and manage your own mobile event or conference content. EventToGo offers the flexibility, easy to use access to all event information on your website and on your mobile apps. EventToGo helps event management companies to rapidly mobilize their events and conferences.

Using EventToGo™, you can easily manage all schedules, agendas, attendees, sponsors, speakers information, push messaging, links, add to your calendar or mobile calendar and much more through a powerful mobile platform supporting Android, Apple, BlackBerry (coming soon!) and Windows 7 (coming soon!).

  • Branded Event
  • Exhibitors list and description
  • Event or Conference schedule
  • My Schedule
  • Speakers profile
  • Calendar integration
  • Sponsorship space
  • Bookmark/Favorite
  • Push Messages and Alerts
  • Essential Links
  • Important Contact Details