Career Soft Solutions Permanent Hire Solutions are a perfect solution for companies who need to hire technical resources but are short of time and recruiting resources. Hiring Career Soft Solutions also brings better penetration to hire dream workforce as we can find performers and convince them to join you. Permanent Hiring solutions offer savings on your staff’s time, advertising budgets and competitive edge with access to a larger and qualified pool of candidates.

How does this work?

Permanent Hire Solutions give companies the ability to immediately hire Career Soft Solutions Consultants as internal employees. With Permanent Hire Solutions, Career Soft Solutions and the company agree on the terms of the Permanent Hire placement which typically include the fee percentage and a guarantee provision should the consultant not work out.

Our professional recruiters deploy several practices to ensure that you get a right candidate for filling your permanent vacancies. We assign a dedicated Recruitment Manager to our clients accounts for managing their current permanent requirements and future needs. They seek out exception professionals through our extensive network. These resources are usually not traceable except through some contact or referral. We screen the capabilities through extensive screening process.

  • High degree of screening process
  • Special interview methods
  • Multi-layered reference techniques

This model also helps us to control cost and maintain trade confidentiality. Our extended sourcing reach in India, Australia, Canada and highly effective processes for screening, testing and recruiting help you bring the best IT resources on board. We take utmost care to get you dedicated staff that can sustain and succeed even in challenging situations.